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How To Set Up A DIY Wedding Tent For Your Special Day

How To Set Up A DIY Wedding Tent For Your Special Day

Wedding is big day for each of us.Almost everyone want to have a special wedding that they will never forget. But if you give everything to a wedding planner, you lost creativity and lots money. Actually you can DIY your wedding without spending so much money on rutine  planning. Here I will you few tips about setting up a DIY wedding tent in your own backyard with all friends and neighbours gethering together.

1. Get Inspiration
You can search online to gather inspiration, create your own decorations, and organize finances.
These days, many brides are choosing outdoor gazebo weddings because of the versatility and ample opportunities for beautiful photos. Below you will find inspiration for decorating your gazebo and tutorials for some of the most popular DIY design projects.

2. Select Right Wedding Tent 
 You can either hire one from local tent rental company or buy from manufacturing with good price. 
Decide what size you need to choose: Weddint tent size depend on how many guests you are going to invite.if you use round tables, your wedding tents size is about 1.5 times guest number. for example you have 200 guests, you can select a 300sqm wedding tent. Based on your installing location, you can choose the shape of the tent. 15*20m is nice. 

3. DIY Decoration
Decorate the wedding tent with something that special to bride and bridegroom. The aluminum clear span wedding tents are very easy to decorate. There is no center pole inside. And you can layout tables and chairs, stage in the way you like. The aluminum frame is easy to hangar anything. lining and lighting is very important. Make sure they match to the whole style of your decoration.

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